Global Glass Specialists is a small and agile privately owned company. We provide consulting and training services to glass processors, carmakers and glazed car part manufacturers.  Our domain is safety glass manufacturing from pre-processing to final inspection, specializing in tempering, bending, lamination and mold tooling processes.  

Our services are provided by senior experts with proven track records. Objective and independent position is vital to our role when serving clients.  We’re not tied to specific machinery, equipment or materials.   Compared to other service providers subject matter expertise is our main product – not a side product. 

Starting from 2016 we have served clients in North-America, Europe, Middle-East, and Asia. Our clients range from small family companies to Fortune 500 companies. 

Located in Porvoo Finland we are only a flight away from our customers all around the world.  

CONTACT US FOR FREE PRE-PROJECT DISCOVERYTo assure a great fit and successful results we evaluate project proposals case by case, through a free pre-project discovery

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