Case Samples

Here’s a brief introduction to cases we have worked with

  • Architectural glass tempering operator training
  • Tempering furnace investment consulting
  • Commercial vehicle windshield bending process and mold tooling development consulting
  • BRG bending training and bending furnace invest consulting
  • Serial bending furnace process improvement: yield, output, quality, mold tooling upgrades, maintenance and furnace modification to increase output
  • Tempered glass manufacturer operator training, process trouble shooting, machine trouble shooting, maintenance activities and maintenance training
  • Architectural glass lamination process improvement project, tempered SG applying PVB and Sentryglass interlayers
  • Lamination and bending process improvement to reduce high rate of air penetration and edge bubbles OEM car windshield production line
  • Investment consulting to source and benchmark equipment and quotations
  • Production line audits for OEM windshield manufacturer
  • Residual stress trouble shooting projects for both ARG and OEM car windshields, successful introduction of re-engineered tooling and bending process parameters to reduce high tension and increasing low compression levels.
  • NMI work for bending and lamination processes for number of complex windshields: Honda HRV 26 mm cross curvature, VW Group super cars/ with special float glass, asymmetric glass combinations and cross curvatures >25 mm